Sunday, March 04, 2012

Making orange liqueur

Each year we make several types of liqueur for consumption and for gifts. Cherry, liquorice, milk and lemon, sloe and blackberry amongst others. We don't drink all we make but it is useful to have in for when friends and neighbours visit or to take to people as a small token of our appreciation.

One of the most scrumptious liqueurs we make is Orange. Each year around Christmas time we buy lots of very sweet oranges that have not been dyed or waxed (commercial oranges are usually waxed and dyed...Orange). Luis buys them in Palencia through a wholesaler who sources the best fruit available. Besides eating many, we usually make about 3 litres of Orange Orujo.

Orujo is a rough raw spirit that is derived from the distillation of the solid remains left after pressing the grape. Cheap to buy (about 5 Euros per litre) - 50% alcohol (100% proof).


To make the Orange liqueur, this is what we do:

3 litres of Orujo
rind of 9 oranges (absolutely no pith as this makes it taste bitter)
juice of 18 large oranges
600g of sugar

The mixture is left to mature and infuse for one month, strained then bottled. Served in ice-cold shot glasses. A small amount of sediment is simply mixed before serving. We have our own oranges but unfortunately we don't get the hot weather required to sweeten them like the ones we buy.

Orange liqueur is a firm favourite of ours and is warmly welcomed by all who try it. Salud!

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  1. Sounds wonderful!

    I had no idea orujo was that potent. Good to know - for medicinal purposes, you understand.

    I can never find bitter oranges for marmelade.


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