Thursday, January 03, 2013

New mosaic terrace at La Pasera

We are fortunate to have a garden that benefits from the journey of the daily sun. This results in us having many different spots in the garden where we can either avoid or capture the warming rays, throughout the seasons.

One spot in the garden which we felt would benefit from a sun drenched terrace was immediately at the back of the house. We already have a partially covered terrace which is great for sun or shade and superb for having meals outside. The new terrace will be a place where you can chill out, throw a few cushions down, lie on the floor and soak up the warmth or sit quietly and read in the shade of a garden parasol. Pebbles are a great surface to walk or lie on and act like an acupuncture massage - the cats love to stretch out on the warmed mosaic surfaces whenever they have an opportunity.

Luis set about designing and making a set of mosaic slabs, 16 in total, that compliment those already in situ. The terrace will provide a panoramic view across the garden and will, on a sunny day, get an average of 6-8 hours full sun a day.


 We now have to extend the rockery we built a few years ago in front of the new terrace. This was always in the grand plan and we have some excellent pieces of limestone waiting to be moved into place. We have lots of cuttings and small plants ready to colonise the crevices and small gaps.

The terrace has now been laid and looks wonderful. The next job is to complete the mosaic paths for the herb garden and to finish off laying three mosaic slabs designed for the entrance to the garden shed.
We have just completed the main structure of the second garden tap which also has it's own resident mouse if you look carefully.

The mosaic below is a recent commission from a couple in Madrid. The brief was movement. It is to be sited in the corner of a city garden and will form a focal point near a seating area.


  1. Lynn and Peter4:28 pm

    The finished mosaic terrace looks wonderful. It's always a pleasure to read your blogs and the information about the Persimmons is very useful as we found them rather dry and disgusting - obviously we didn't leave them to ripen for long enough.

    1. Thanks, the terrace is a real plus and I'm sure we'll use it. Do try some persimmons but they have to be very soft to be sweet. The picture on the post of the ripe one is about right. Let us know how you get on if you have a taste.

  2. Your garden really is stunning Ian, and the new terrace looks like a wonderful place to enjoy it from.


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