Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sunrise on a windy day

La Pasera is a great place for observing sunsets and sunrises. The openness of the area gives way to huge expanses of sky that is punctuated by a mountain up high and trees down below. 

The sunrise this morning was spectacular. We awoke around 7.30am disturbed by the gathering winds which had begun to rattle the roof tiles and thrash the few remaining eucalyptus trees on the rocky outcrops opposite La Pasera.

As the sun rose, it lit the fast moving clouds and dispersed higher thinning cloud as it gathered strength and began to shine. The winds came and went, as usual, lasting for several frantic minutes of moving vulnerable plant pots and gathering swinging lanterns to prevent them from being broken.

In the calm of the morning, the clouds slowed, the grey turned blue and the birds began to sing again. If you are impressed with sunsets then you must make a point in the very near future to take some time to witness its stunning counterpart, the sunrise.

Click on the pictures to get a larger view.


  1. it was grey as usual here

  2. Awesome! We get fantastic sunsets over the Waikato here, with Te Aroha mountain in the Kaimai range in the back garden, almost. (not much sun at the moment...goodbye cyclone Evan, awaiting cyclone Freda...)


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