Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oviedo on market day

We rarely need to travel far to shop as we generally buy in bulk or locally. Every so often we will travel to Oviedo to one of the large out-of-town shopping centres and take a couple of hours to walk around the beautiful city of Oviedo. Punctuated by magnificent Art Deco and Art Nouveaux buildings, it's wide streets and central park are a pleasure to stroll.

In the old quarter, stands Oviedo cathedral. Each year at this time there is a display called the El Belen: an exhibition of nativity sets and the landscapes and buildings of Bethlehem. Most of them are really well done and are extremely detailed. The most impressive this year had a flowing mountain stream with living miniature ferns, grasses and moss planted in crevices and rocks.

In an area near to the Cathedral, the indoor and outdoor markets hustle and bustle as the day unfolds. It is always interesting to see the farmers and their wives selling small amounts of home grown and locally produced goods from a collection of crates, sacks and bowls. We believe that from time to time they probably replenish their stock from other not-so-home grown sources but they certainly give the market character and life.

The flower market is small and its stock is limited but there is always a seasonal heady scent and swathes of vibrant plants and flowers which cheer up passers bye, tourists and shoppers alike.

The large indoor market is typical of any Spanish town with sections for meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, coffee bars, health food and specialist teas and coffees. We spent a good half an hour opening the tea samples attached to the tins by magnets. We eventually choose one after sniffing almost every sample in the shop. The staff were very helpful and chatty. We also purchased a traditional Japanese tea pot for infusions which Luis is going to make a mosaic stand to compliment the design.

Elsewhere in Oviedo there was a large temporary exhibition and sale of crafts. The Artisan market is sited in the park and there are over 40 stalls. I am always slightly disappointed with it as each year the variety of goods is reduced and the main focus this year was jewellery  imported wooden fancy goods, imported knitwear and ethnic clothing, leather and a little pottery.

It is good to visit the towns and cities from time to time and live life for a few hours at a quicker pace but we always welcome the tranquillity of home and the gentle sounds of nature.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, as usual. Felices fiestas!


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