Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wot no phone?

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Send cards and letters: Well as you are all aware I am in England and poor old Luis is busy keeping the home veg growing. Did you know he has become a bit of a media star since writing to a regional paper complaining about telefonica. Full page spread, photos, quotes and celeb status. What it does mean of course is he is still on his own without a phone .........just a mobile. So if you do feel like dropping him a line ........please do, I am sure he would like to hear from you. I return early September.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Madness has descended

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No it is not as you think...............Luis sat in the middle of his veggie patch repeatedly saying cabbages........catapillars..........bugs and squash the little bxxxxxxx..........Madness has descended on this sleepy little town of Ribadesella as everybody prepares for the 70th International descent of the River Sella. Over 5000 contestants, thousands of spectators along the route, roads blocked, fields full of campers and rubbish everywhere. The event is televised nationally and this year´s event is expected to be bigger and better than previous ones. I was going to enter but have decided to stage a canoe top protest instead. I have got a banner to stretch across the Sella from my canoe to Luis´coracle saying .............Telefonica es una basura. Other than that, we enjoyed a midnight 4 day Jazz festival, visited friends from Holmfirth in their home in Potes, got drunk with friends from the village and continue to enjoy the local area walks and nature. I will be home soon so maybe no messages for a while as Luis will be busy sat in his patch saying cabbages, catapillars...........and the rest.