Saturday, March 24, 2007


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Had a busy time in the garden constructing a brushwood fence to enclose the composting area. The plan is to grow wild honeysuckle over it to encourage birds and insects. Mum and Dad just returned home after a nice week here in Asturias. Weather mixed. Seeds sown, orange tree planted. Spent a great evening with Vito, Tino, Luis, Tina et al bottling cider in a neighbour's (Tino's) Llagar.
Don't send easter eggs.......dieting, so eating Orejuelas instead.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Wet and Wild, Warm and Mild....

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We have been on a short holiday walking in Limoges for a week. After staying overnight in Bordeaux, we drove north to a small village just outside Limoges in a small cottage owned by Simon and Zoe - fellow downsizers. The weather was wet and wild, cold and unpleasant, not the best for walking but never-the-less enjoyable. We visited Oradour-sur-Glane which if you do not know about please take the time to look it up on the internet - a sobering exprience.

Heading home we drove through Bergerac amongst the many vines and forests. Back for two days then off to Barrios de la Vega (Luis' home village) to visit family. Now back home and getting ready for spring, planting new fruit trees, catching mice in the shed (nibbled through my brand new chainsaw gloves!!!), sewing seeds and planting potatoes. Weather here warm and mild but a few showers and strong winds from time to time..........!hasta pronto!