Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring Showers

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Well spring has been here with gusto........plenty of rain, sunshine, distant storms and cool winds. The plants and trees have sprung into full bloom, apple blossom is in abundance and the birds are busy feeding their young. My Dad has been with us for a week and enjoyed it despite the rain. We ventured to Barrios de la Vega near Saldaña to have lunch with Rita, Alfredo and the family, travelling through one of the passes in the Picos de Europa Mountains on to Riaño and down through Guardo. With the weather like it was we also took the opportunity to visit the Tito Bustillo Cave complex in Ribadesella. Cave paintings dating back to between 15,000 BC to 30,000 BC are still evident and offer an insight into the lives and minds of our ancestors.

We came across this little fella (Adder) whilst out walking on the Camino de Santiago - actually a little female about 45cms long and making hissing noises. Luis, of course yelled out (not his favourite reptile).

Plenty of ongoing projects in hand including: gardening and growing vegetables; building work for the garden; hedge planting and making; collecting driftwood to burn; looking after the cats. The village has once again celebrated its fiesta by parading the Statue of Fatima through the lanes in procession with Rockets, bagpipes and drums, villagers in traditional costume and tambourines. The fiesta culminated in free octopus and fried potatoes served in a large Marquee. Two bands played upbeat but dated music until 5am in the morning - a good time was had by all.