Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rare Sighting......

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They do exist..........yes it is true we have seen a rare and wonderful sight.......a Telefonica engineer. He called yesterday and promised us that a line would be installed this week........apparently we need a pole but apart from that it is straight forward. We shall see. If they do not come he will need surgery to remove the pole.
Other news......the children´s descent of the Sella took place this week and in a few days time the disabled descent will take place. Gearing up for the mass descent on the 5th August (5000 plus).
We continue to cycle and walk exploring different coves and bits of countryside. Luis is fairly optimistic that we will have a cucumber by the end of the week. We ate marrow, susgar snap peas and mange tout this week. Tomatoes doing well. Home in August for a while see you all then.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Culture; Vulture

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Descent into madness: Had a great week with summer arriving with full force. Luis is running around the garden with mange tout and cherry tomatoes trailing from his pockets. Sue, Ben, Sam and Lucy May have been over for a few days and we had a really great time - we all canoed the River Sella 12km, had a picnic on the bank and spotted lots of wildlife including a vultures and kingfishers. The water battle in the afternoon was great and of course Sue and I (being the fittest) won the race and the battle - although they will dispute this (bad losers). Lucy May turned a few heads amongst the spanish boys in town......... Luis and I have visited a couple of romanesque churches with beautiful carvings and architectural details. Luis tells me there are many more worth visiting.......whooppeee! I have just voted telephonica company of the year. Speak soon, keep in touch.

Monday, July 10, 2006

There´s more to life than veg......

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Just in case folks back home are getting worried that we are devoting our new life to growing vegetables.......we have been doing other things such as; drawing up plans for a 40 foot garage and workshop - plans now with college of architects in Oviedo; finding out about importing the car; Luis has been sorting out the transfer of his nursing qualification and acting as translator to two english guys who are buying a house here; registering at the employment office; arranging various administrative issues for residency; learning to speak spanish; killing bugs on the veg......oops not the veg again. We have also entertained various visitors from England and Spain. There is more to life than veg. In addition, we are taking time to explore the area by foot and cycling, I am looking buff...........or should that be rough? Telephonica is my favourite spanish company.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Drunk and Disorderly

No comments: out for the´s time for a walk........oh damn! we´ve been caught. Never mind. Everytime we set off for a walk we always get collared to join our new friends and neighbours for a look around their plot, house, cider making facility (llagar) or caseta........always coming home several hours later laden with fruit, veg, plants or drunk. Luis has developed a liking for the local cider and it is really difficult to drag him away from the booze (borracho). We have discovered an avocado tree that is full of fruit nobody gathers. 24 fruits in our fridge as we speak. We have been invited to join some of our neighbours when they next make the 2000 bottles of cider in late summer........All in all meeting some very nice people and learning to adapt to our new surroundings. Telephone .........maƱana