Monday, July 03, 2006

Drunk and Disorderly out for the´s time for a walk........oh damn! we´ve been caught. Never mind. Everytime we set off for a walk we always get collared to join our new friends and neighbours for a look around their plot, house, cider making facility (llagar) or caseta........always coming home several hours later laden with fruit, veg, plants or drunk. Luis has developed a liking for the local cider and it is really difficult to drag him away from the booze (borracho). We have discovered an avocado tree that is full of fruit nobody gathers. 24 fruits in our fridge as we speak. We have been invited to join some of our neighbours when they next make the 2000 bottles of cider in late summer........All in all meeting some very nice people and learning to adapt to our new surroundings. Telephone .........mañana

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