Monday, July 10, 2006

There´s more to life than veg......

Just in case folks back home are getting worried that we are devoting our new life to growing vegetables.......we have been doing other things such as; drawing up plans for a 40 foot garage and workshop - plans now with college of architects in Oviedo; finding out about importing the car; Luis has been sorting out the transfer of his nursing qualification and acting as translator to two english guys who are buying a house here; registering at the employment office; arranging various administrative issues for residency; learning to speak spanish; killing bugs on the veg......oops not the veg again. We have also entertained various visitors from England and Spain. There is more to life than veg. In addition, we are taking time to explore the area by foot and cycling, I am looking buff...........or should that be rough? Telephonica is my favourite spanish company.

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