Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Culture; Vulture

Descent into madness: Had a great week with summer arriving with full force. Luis is running around the garden with mange tout and cherry tomatoes trailing from his pockets. Sue, Ben, Sam and Lucy May have been over for a few days and we had a really great time - we all canoed the River Sella 12km, had a picnic on the bank and spotted lots of wildlife including a vultures and kingfishers. The water battle in the afternoon was great and of course Sue and I (being the fittest) won the race and the battle - although they will dispute this (bad losers). Lucy May turned a few heads amongst the spanish boys in town......... Luis and I have visited a couple of romanesque churches with beautiful carvings and architectural details. Luis tells me there are many more worth visiting.......whooppeee! I have just voted telephonica company of the year. Speak soon, keep in touch.

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