Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rare Sighting......

They do exist..........yes it is true we have seen a rare and wonderful sight.......a Telefonica engineer. He called yesterday and promised us that a line would be installed this week........apparently we need a pole but apart from that it is straight forward. We shall see. If they do not come he will need surgery to remove the pole.
Other news......the children´s descent of the Sella took place this week and in a few days time the disabled descent will take place. Gearing up for the mass descent on the 5th August (5000 plus).
We continue to cycle and walk exploring different coves and bits of countryside. Luis is fairly optimistic that we will have a cucumber by the end of the week. We ate marrow, susgar snap peas and mange tout this week. Tomatoes doing well. Home in August for a while see you all then.

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