Sunday, September 23, 2007

Life slows down again....

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After a busy summer, Asturias and more importantly, Ribadesella has fallen quiet once more with only a handful of day trippers and weekend holiday makers. Life is returning to normal after 2 months of more traffic and busy bars. The weather has been mixed and certainly not typical for this part of Spain. Generally speaking it has been fine with cooler and wetter periods than normal. The sun has now returned and we are enjoying warm days and cooler evenings.

Having just spent nearly four week in the UK is seems comfortable to be back at La Pasera and slowing down to a more civilised pace. The kittens are growing fast but still unsure and cautious most of the time. They can be handled without too much trouble although Wentworth hisses and spits if he is in that mood.

Dad returned with me on the ship so we had a nice week birdwatching and going for local walks. We also went to see Paca and Tola - two semi wild brown bears that were released back into a protected reserve. Each day at 12 noon and 6pm they come down from their mountain to feed on fruit, nuts and treats the wardens bring.

Luis is busy with chair restoration and translation services, not to mention the veggie plot and garden.............harvesting well.....all suggestions for what to do with Marrows should be sent to our email........