Saturday, November 10, 2007

Those autumn leaves, drift by my window.....

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Autumn draws on with cooler days in the shade and chilled evenings, enough to light the stove most nights. The pics are more or less self explanatory, bonfire night...(in Spain ?), the kittens, bought one and made one baskets for the kittens......(Luis' handywork - but which one I hear you ask?) The funghi are from a day with the Micology team in Infiesto last week, about 100 of us were teamed with experts and spent the day looking for funghi, a great day out - the specimens were then sent for classification and then can see us on the hunt with an Asturian Cow wondering what we were up to. The view of the Picos was taken on a walk through the Ponga Region. Walked about 15 miles through beautiful deciduous woodlands however we did pick a day when the Hunt for wild boar was on so we had to keep to the paths or risk being shot...........On the way back we came across the hunters who were just about to gut their catch - four handsome wild boar. I fail to understand what pleasure there can be in killing an animal for sport. Take away their guns, 4 x 4s, walkie talkies, beaters and dogs.........then lets see how many they kill - rant rant rant....Anyway, looking forward to friends coming on Sunday.