Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Rain in Spain......

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The rain in Spain has been falling on us for the past few days, however, it usually clears long enough for a short walk and a bit of work in the garden. Temperatures remain warm and comfortable well into the evening. Continue to meet interesting characters from the village and continue to receive gifts of plants and produce........talking of which if the bugs don´t stop munching our veg soon Luis will end up in care.......(often distraught and very emotional over the tomatoes). Looking forward to a few days sunshine and of course............getting a damn telephone (ordered 4 time so far).

Friday, June 16, 2006

Pick and Tics

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What a week, picked several pounds of cherries from our own trees - up the ladder not being my favourite occupation, never-the-less the cherries were lovely and we now have several jars of cherry pickle to consume. There was a large fire on the mountain overlooking the house but the bomberos soon had it under control with large buckets of sea water carried by helicopter - direct hits everytime. The veg are doing well and Luis is less stressed about his seedlings than of late.............Went cutting bean poles in the local hazel woodland came back with over 40 poles and tics. That´ll teach me to wear shorts in the woods. Spotted a lovely deer looking longingly at our vegetable patch early one morning - and discovered many great beaches and walks locally. Telefonica sucks.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Warm front.....

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Weather has been great for the last few days, warm but with a breeze that keeps it nice and cool out of the sun. Luis is busy with his vegetables (over 20 varieties of veg and herbs now). Had a day out yesterday to a medieval market and fiesta in Torazo. Offered myself to Asturian TV as an extra on the beach.........they were making a documentary on the costa verde and were filming one evening. I thought that a long shot of me (in slow motion) running along the sand dunes might add a bit of glamour but they declined. It´s their loss. Luis was also disappointed as his offer to do a short documentary on sand dune planting was also declined. See you all soon.