Monday, December 03, 2012

Here comes the snow - Skiing in Asturias

The weather has is cold. There is snow on the peaks and Winter is setting in. We are quite protected here on the coast and enjoy a micro climate where the temperatures rarely drop below 1 or 2 degrees. We seldom get any snow (none in the six years we have been here) but do get a very light ground frost from time to time but nothing too severe.

It is a different story in the mountains and inland valleys. The Picos de Europa mountains look magnificent in the distance as the sun hits the peaks and casts shadows, and glistens on the exposed cold peaks.

It has always been our intention to visit the ski stations here in Asturias but we have not done so to date. One of my favourite sites Where is Asturias has now produced yet another great film about Asturias which features both of the ski stations we have in the region.

Seeing this film has made my mind up, a visit is on the cards. Having never been skiing or snowboarding, I doubt our visit will see us ending up on the slopes but never say never. Watch this space or the local accident and emergency department...

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