Friday, December 14, 2012

A restored antique rush bench

Luis has just restored a beautiful antique rush-seated bench, a three seater, for a gentleman in a nearby village. The piece is normally housed in an Asturian palace which is absolutely wonderful, full of stone floors, elaborate stonework and an impressive internal courtyard. Now restored, the bench will sit well  in a gallery or landing.

The seat had completely gone and new rush was required. We source our rush from Spain after stockists in the UK no longer have it. We have a few problems with quality control and have to carefully examine a delivery of new stock. Sometimes the rush is of very poor quality and impossible to use for a high standard finish.

The rush is probably harvested in Spain or maybe Holland and imported. There are tight controls on commercial gathering of rush and suppliers not that easy to identify. There are two main types of rush: fresh water and salt water. This rush was probably salt water but flat reeded instead of round. It is not the easiest of rush to use but Luis has done a great job with this piece.


  1. Wow! That´s stunning.

  2. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Cool Yule and Merry Chrimbo, Happy New Year and many of them.

    about the rushes.
    I live near Lough Corrib, with rush growth close by.
    Have a lake boat and a canoe, what about a rush saving holiday?
    I'll water your garden, and look out for Wentworth and Gawber.

    Otherwise hope to meet youse one of these days on a walk about.

    take care

    best regards

    1. That sounds like a plan Josey - Your part of the world looks wonderful.


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