Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Towers

As any artist knows, having a comfortable and appropriate place to work is so important. When we moved to La Pasera one of our priorities was to build a separate space we could use for a workshop/studio, storage area and general utility area. We planned and built a 75 sqm building to accommodate our needs.

Complete with a mezzanine storage floor, wood-burning stove, music, internet connection and resident cats it has become an important part of our lifestyle. We probably spend more time in there than in the house.

The Towers, as it is lovingly know was so called because of the height of the building at the rear. It was built on a fairly steep slope which give it great height at the rear. The internal height is such that we can accommodate the mezzanine floor at one end.

It is open plan in design which works well for us and incorporates the provisions store, woodworking area, plenty of storage, the mosaic studio and three cat comfort zones (beds for winter, summer and for when the mood takes).

Luis has a great space for his mosaic studio with plenty of room to store marble and limestone. As most artists know, having enough space to store completed works is a bonus and essential, with mosaics, this means room to store where they will not be damaged. Luis is building up quite a stock of completed mosaics and steadily preparing for a large exhibition we are planning for a couple of years time.


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  1. Wonderful. One day I'll have a space like this, too. I'am thrilled for you both, you've made it happen, and you deserve your successes, well done :)


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