Saturday, January 19, 2013

The rain in Asturias

When friends and family visit Asturias they are always impressed with the lush green landscapes. The bedrock is clothed in swathes of woodlands, pasture land, coastal plains and scrub-land which provides an ever changing tapestry of greens, golds, reds and yellows. In sharp contrast are the silver-grey limestone rocky outcrops, golden beaches and dramatic skies.

We often hear people describe Asturias as looking like Switzerland, Austria or Scotland, and it does to a point, all of them.

Of course our landscapes are partly dependant on the weather. Asturias is so beautiful and green because of the rain and temperatures. We usually have rain most of the year but not for prolonged periods, the rain in Asturias comes hard and fast, and no more so than in winter. In winter the rain can visit with a vengeance especially when accompanied with storm winds.

Being sited on the coast of the Bay of Biscay we are periodically subjected to storms coming across the Atlantic. Today, such a storm is visiting us and really making its presence known. The cats are snuggled up together in the warmth of the house, the plant-pots and other garden items moved and secured and, the log fire is lit.

Last night, we spotted this little fella on the terrace. Obviously to a toad, rain is just the best of weather.

It has rained hard for a few days now. The fields are flooding, drainage compromised and pools of water are collecting on roads. There are high tides as well at the moment so there is always the danger of flooding along the banks of the Rio Sella or Rio Guadamia. Rainfall is measured in litres per square meter here so to give you an indication, since 8 am this morning we have had 30 ltrs of rain up to 6pm.

Fields flooding next to La Pasera

One quirky thing I really like here in Asturias is the umbrella covering machines you find in many shops and bars. You just slot your umbrella into a sleeve and it keeps it from dripping all over the place and making the floor slippery. Most smaller shops and coffee bars have an umbrella stand which at this time of year are always full. The trick is to make sure yours is difficult to get at as they have been known to go walk-abouts...



  1. Anonymous6:07 pm

    what a beautiful place

    I love the idea of umbrella wrappers! - wonder why we don't have them in the UK? we have the rainfall after all...

  2. Anonymous6:16 pm laughing because I just tweeted about those umbrella wrapping machines and then I clicked through from Tweetdeck to this post!! Great minds and all that ;) Hope you're not suffering from flooding or landslides or other temporal-related disasters. I've just driven home from Gijon via Villaviciosa and I don't think I've ever seen worse conditions!


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