Friday, January 11, 2013

Persimmons the divine fruit

Before coming to Spain persimmons were new to me. Luis has eaten them before and has often picked one to eat when out walking. I never fancied eating them as I had heard they had to be nearly rotting (bletted) before they were edible. I have since learnt there is a world of difference between bletted and rotting.

The tree fruits well here and if eaten at the right time truly deserve their reputation of being divine. A ripe hachiya persimmon fruit is sweet and tropical to the taste whereas an under-ripe one is astringent and foul.

The key is to eat them when they feel extremely soft i.e. bletted. The thin orange skin will toughen slightly and indent when touched - that is the time to cut them in two and scoop out the soft, sweet flesh.

Our friend Nigel brought us a box of them round the other evening from the orchard at his organic farm and hotel Posada del Valle. They are ripe and ready to eat, delicious.

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