Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter flowers

Living so close to the Asturian coast with an Atlantic climate characterized by mild temperatures and copious rain fall, Winter at La Pasera is a season that still brings us very pleasant and sunny days in-spite of the very rare occasions when the thermometer dips close to freezing temperatures.

This mild weather translates into a profusion of blooms both in our own garden and in the surrounding countryside. Providing a rich source of nectar for insects such as bumble bees, the array of wild and cultivated flowers never ceases to please the eye.

The bright colours of the gold finches are a joy to behold at this time of the year whenever they flock into the garden and work their way across the garden eating daisy flower heads.

As the daffodils and snowdrops start coming into bloom, they add to the carpet of colour provided by the violas, primulas, marigolds, dianthus and the brightly coloured dandelions. At this time of the year, I look forward to being out in vegetable garden enjoying the scent of the violas nearby.

Walking along the country lanes, the mild weather brings many wild flowers in to bloom and I always look forward to the pulmonarias and hepaticas while enjoying the heady honey scented mimosa trees as they explode into bloom.

The large white Arum lilies unfurl slightly more each day and the mosses, lichens and ferns thrive in the morning sun. 

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