Friday, October 04, 2013

Decorating with mosaic.

I have always being fascinated by mosaics and admired their beauty, durability and functional value. I never miss an opportunity to visit Roman mosaics or study the art and technical skills involved in their creation. It wasn't until we had a holiday in the Greek Island of Rhodes when my passion for mosaics was really awoken. Ian then bought me a book on pebble mosaic art by Maggy Howarth, a British mosaicist  responsible for a resurgence in interest within pebble mosaic art worldwide. Her publications, techniques and works of art have being a great source of information and continue to inspire my own pebble mosaics. Howarth's influence is evident in the Swallows mosaic I made as a commissioned piece.

With regards to my Roman tessellated mosaics, I consider myself a self-taught mosaicist. My skill as a mosaicist is based on practice, reading as many books on the subject as I can get my hands on, posing questions to fellow mosaicists and mosaic artists that belong to the same Internet-based mosaic groups I belong; such as Contemporary Mosaic Art (CMA), Mosaic Art and My Mosaic friends. These Internet groups, also offer and opportunity to leave feedback on works of art, something I greatly enjoy doing as it requires from me to closely observe images of mosaics and consider their technical and artistic merits, a great learning opportunity I greatly enjoy. A while back such feedback presented my with the chance to write the prologue to the book: "A Legacy in Stone. The Artistry of Andreas Kunert".

My tessellated mosaics show an interest for geometric patterns within classic Roman mosaics and are influenced by a love for Art Deco, nature and the natural world. From an aesthetic view point, my mosaics are influenced by the materials I enjoy using such as terracotta, marble, limestone and granite while using a rather limited range of colours as we can see within the "Winter Wonderland" I created when commissioned to do a mosaic portraying the White Nancy in Bollington, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

Winter Wonderland, The White Nancy.
Moving to Asturias has enabled me to pursue and develop my interest in mosaics and I am now at a stage where I am keen to experiment with new techniques and methods including making my own substrates (bases upon which the pieces of stone are glued to create a mosaic) so that I can create 3D mosaics and sculptural pieces to adorn our home and garden at La Pasera. There are already several mosaics adorning our home in the manner of wall mosaics, coffee and garden tables. Numerous pebble and tessellated mosaics adorn our herb garden, paths and terraces.


I am planning a trip to Italy in the near future to further my studies and take the opportunity to visit exhibits from some of my favourite mosaic artists. More at a later date.


  1. I always get the sense of timelessness and peacefulness when looking at your mosaics Luis, thank you. Jenny

    1. Many thanks Jenny for your kind words. I wish you could feel the warmth of a pebble mosaic after it was heated by the sun and you rest on it the end of the day. Magic.

  2. I really like the swallows. I have a couple of mosaics books and ONE day I'll get around to trying to make something ...

  3. The swallows mosaic was a fantastic project I thoroughly enjoyed. I would encourage you to have a go. Mosaic is a very rewarding craft/art. For pebble mosaics, the best were written by Maggy Howarth.


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