Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Having just been on an extended visit to the UK, I find that returning to Asturias takes a bit of getting used to; slowing down to the pace of life we have here at La Pasera. It seems strange to motor along main roads and motorways alone or accompanied only by a couple of cars or a lorry. It's feels odd to walk through our local town and see very few faces and empty shops and bars, the peace and quiet is a touch unnerving for the first few hours as your hearing re-adjusts to the rich array of sounds from nature. The light bathing the rich green landscapes overloads your optical nerves and is so vivid and vibrant, the autumn light is especially beautiful.

Apart from Internet access, we don't have constant contact with the outside world through TV, radio or newspapers. We don't shop more than once a fortnight or three weeks, we rarely have the need to go to a city for business and we seldom feel the need to experience the buzz of night-life for drinks or restaurants. In fact we lead very quiet lives with little distraction apart from our own pursuits and hobbies, maintaining the land, growing and processing our own fruit and vegetables and the occasional get together with friends and neighbours. Many would find it dull or boring and a few would be driven crazy but for us, it is a little piece of bliss.

My first Sunday, sunny afternoon back in Asturias was lunch on the terrace comprising home-made cream of marrow soup, grilled figs with blue cheese, aubergine pate and a glass of fresh apple juice. A quick catch up with the world news was followed by bottling pickled figs, a new recipe for us from Isobel - thanks Isobel, first tasting gets a big thumbs up. We then took ourselves off to our local beach for a dip in the ocean. We had heard that the water is the warmest it had been all year so we were both up for it. The sky was broken high cloud and at around 24 degrees C it was a really pleasant and comfortable afternoon.

We walked a circuitous route from home through the country lanes to Guadamia, a long and narrow bay that is fed from a small river that originates in nearby mountains. The river flows cold all year round but the warmed waters of the bay of Biscay temper the shock of the cool. We sat on the deserted beach for an hour or so, explored a few caves and then came back via a nearby village to collect more figs; this time for drying in the dehydrator. We stumbled across a large Sweet Chestnut tree and collected a handful of chestnuts which we will roast this this evening.

Back home we had a welcome drink in the garden accompanied by the cats and caught up with the goings on in and around the doesn't take long to re-adjust.


  1. Anonymous11:35 am

    enjoying your blog: you may need a translator for mine!

  2. Anonymous1:41 pm

    beautiful scenes

    I totally understand your enjoyment of a quiet life :)


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