Thursday, October 31, 2013

The garden in Autumn - chores to cherish

There is something rather beautiful about the onset of autumn. The growing season stalls as the days shorten, the sun and sky work together to cast the autumn glow.

The autumn crocus push through and bring a vivid blue and gold highlight amongst the leaves and grass. Where there were once was blossom, there are now seeds and berries. The leaves are changing shape and colour then will fall to the ground ready to be collected.

The leaves are disturbed by the strengthening southern winds that signal rain and storms. The winds can reach a balmy 26 degrees at any time of the day, evening or night-time.

The animals, birds and insects are preparing for wilder weather. Harvesting and nest building in readiness for a new season when hunters roam and resources fade.

Always something to harvest; apples, chillies, cauliflower, carrots, beetroot, kale...

A veil of wood-smoke drifts across the surrounding pastures as the sun sets and the temperature dips.

Autumn, the guardian of energy and new life.

And to finish, some beautiful words from Sarah Mathew at The Cailleach Writes...

Samhain blessing

As winter knocks upon your door and fires are lit within,
Open up your mind, your heart,
And let the seasons in;
Look past at bounty, harvests won,
Respect the earth, the moon, the sun
And when the winter seems too deep,
Remember close your friends to keep.
Take your peace and take your rest,
Live for now and know you're blessed.



  1. Once again stunning photos - I love this time of year and I love the Samhain blessing ... which I have just added to my somewhat different blog!

  2. Thanks Rosie - I'll take a look.


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