Saturday, September 28, 2013

Making marrow and chilli spicy pickle

We make a lot of pickles and jams of fruits and vegetables in season; enough to see us through the year and to gift a few jars to friends and family. We came across this wonderful pickle last year after being given a jar by our friend Cal. We were given another jar this year which prompted us to have a go at making it.

Cal and Rob brought us some wonderful chillies from their plant and together with home-grown marrows, further chillies from our plot and some bought fruit, ginger and sugar, we were ready to get hot in the kitchen.

We made double quantities to this recipe and eagerly await for it to mature. We compared the taste with Cal's as we adapted the recipe by adding more fruit and slightly less chilli. We also chopped the ginger very finely and left it in whereas Cal removed hers after cooking; cooking time was reduced. They are strikingly similar of course but there is a difference in when the heat strikes but both are sweet and spicy; wonderful.

We of course sampled it with freshly cooked tortilla and sautéed peppers and, again with some cheese and crackers. Absolutely delicious. I can't wait to try it with a fruit and veg based curry. Have a go and maybe adapt it to your own tastes.


2 kilos finely chopped and de-seeded marrow
3-6 hot chillies to personal taste
2 kilos soft brown sugar
300mls of vinegar
60 gm fresh ginger
60 gm fresh garlic
120-240 gm raisins
40 gm salt

1. Gently simmer marrow and sugar for approximately one hour.
2. Add finally chopped chillies, garlic and raisins plus the salt and vinegar.
3. Add chopped bruised ginger
4. Boil gently until thick – approximately 2+; depends on sugar used and moisture content.
5. Leave or remove ginger and bottle.


  1. Yum - I will be making something very similar this week!

    1. A little on the sweet side for me but I think it will be fine once it matures.

  2. I love making chutneys too Ian and now the neighbours are even eating it!! I'm not sure the donkeys would like it though

    1. Lynn, we have introduced a few locals to the delights of chutney and picalilli with mixed reviews!


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