Friday, September 06, 2013

Exploring local beaches and coves in Asturias

One thing we are not short of in Asturias is coastline. With hundreds of beaches and and coves to explore there is never a dull moment if you are into that sort of thing: which we are...

The main tourist season is over and the beaches and coastline are once again quiet apart from sunny weekends and bank holidays. The main tourist season lasts only a few weeks from mid-July to early September with the remainder of summer and autumn being very quiet and peaceful.

Within walking distance we have a half a dozen wonderful beaches and inlet coves which are constantly changing with the seasons, tides and weather conditions. Within 15 minutes drive we have access to another 30 or so beaches and such so as you can imagine there is no shortage of places to walk, explore and enjoy.

The majority of beaches, apart from those located in main resorts, have few facilities such as toilets or showers, chairs or beach gear. Some have surf schools where boards and instruction can be hired. Few have access to a cafĂ© or bar out of the main season and only the main tourist beaches will have red cross life guards on duty during high season, outside of which there is no-one.

The sea is cool even during summer but I am told you soon get used to it once you've taken the plunge. We rarely swim in the sea and mainly use the beaches for beach combing, exploring rock-pools or dinosaur footprints, walking or just relaxing listening to the ocean.

The Bay of Biscay tends to have a very mixed weather pattern and the sea can be great for surfing or body boarding. There isn't much windsurfing which is a pity as I have RYA qualifications in windsurfing but haven't done it for some years now. Who knows maybe one day I'll squeeze into a neoprene wetsuit and ride the wind once again?


  1. Your coastline is SO much more interesting than mine - I'm rather envious! Beautiful images - thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Marigold, it is so diverse especially with the limestone cliffs.

  2. Anonymous9:48 pm

    beautiful pictures :)

  3. It's not hard to take a good photo when the landscape is so dramatic - thanks.

  4. Anonymous9:54 pm

    dear Ian, I trust this finds you well.
    where is the beach, 3rd from top, with church?
    good day best regards

  5. Hi Josey. The beach with the church you are referring to is Niembro. You need to go to the town of Posada de Llanes and there head for the coast. It is a stunning area that gets very busy during the main holiday period.

  6. Dear Ian, I am mesmerised with your beaches. We are planning a trip to this area, and would definitely like to visit these beaches. Could you please write all the locations of the pictures by order, so we can find them?
    Thank you very much for the effort.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Katalin - have a look at this free app - it lists all the beaches in Asturias On this post the beaches are Guadamia, San Antolin, Cuevas del Mar, Santa Marina, Niembro, Vega. Enjoy discovering the beaches.


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