Monday, March 09, 2015

Winter flowers showing Spring is on its way.....

A few flowers from the garden, hedgerow and mountains....


  1. Anonymous10:03 pm

    :) much further ahead for you than me - predictably. The first daffs are out, alongside the primroses and snowdrops

  2. Beautiful - you are a whole season ahead of us... :D

  3. I'm envious Ian. Although we've marvellous weather just now, the Spring flowers haven't yet reached us in any quantity. Daffodils are my all time favourite flower, and I have dreams of one day having drifts of them.

    I wonder if you know what variety the seventh photo is? The first of the purple flowers. An acacia variety? Beautiful shade.

  4. Your spring is way more advanced than here in Brittany! I have those wildflowers in your third picture, but no signs of any flowers yet. And you have aubretia in flower already! I have a few daffies, primroses, hellebores, japonica, pulmonaria in flower, and the snowdrops are going over. But lots to look forward to. Lovely photos. :-)


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