Sunday, March 29, 2015

The first grass cut of the season.

The grass has taken a bit of a beating over winter with excess rain and a few rare frosts. The growth has remained stunted but it has given dandelions and daisy plants time to gain a strong-hold and proliferate now the better weather is here. After a couple of warmish days and light breezes, the grass is ready to be cut; the first of the season.

The grass cuttings are layered with dry material in the compost bins and overtime it will rot down and be put back into the garden. We try to make as much compost as possible; if you grow vegetables, you need as much compost as you can produce and more.

We don't have a lawn as such, the land used to be an old neglected orchard and meadow. It would be impossible to create the perfect lawn as we are surrounded by fields and meadows, plagued by land voles, abused by the wild boar and use the garden as a work, rest and play area. This suits us and as long as the grass/weeds/mosses are kept in check, it really doesn't look too bad.

We have just had the strimmer serviced and it is starting and stopping when it should, I think we really should have the petrol lawn mower serviced and sharpened as well as it is chugging along at times and takes some battering.

We have left most of the borders as they are filled with celandine's, primroses and narcissus. We also have a few wild orchids that are yet to show their heads so we will probably leave the grassy borders until May or June when we will strim or scythe and let the grasses and seed heads dry and fall before collecting.

It is a real pleasure to feel the warmth of the sun on your back again after what has seemed a really long and dull winter. We are looking forward to the months ahead in the garden and hope to finally finish the front gardens and driveway.


  1. Your garden is so beautiful - have to say the lawn looks perfect in this last photo! Love your landscaping and terrace. What are the orangey red flowers? Looks suspiciously like calendula flowering already! I am envious of your daisies - here I have every lawn weed known to man and accept that it is rustic, but strangely we have only one daisy plant, which is preciously guarded and doesn't get mown too often! I'd love to have them all through the grassy areas.

  2. Hi Mandy, yes they are calendula, osteospernum and aubretia you can mainly see. The calendula flowers most of the year. The daisies are lovely on a sunny day, one of our cats loves pulling the heads off. Thanks for reading.

  3. I think that is the first time you have posted a full view of the garden Ian, it's beautiful.

    1. Thanks Anne - you are probably right about the full view of the back.


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