Friday, August 30, 2013

Building a new path into the garden.

The garden at La Pasera slopes down for 8 meters or so then flattens out. We had already planned to create a gently winding, and sloping set of four stages. We had laid out the design some time ago. The path is bordered on the one side with low growing terraced beds and on the other side with the newly extended rockery. The path leads to a 6x5 meter terrace.

The path follows the natural left to right slope of the land and the four steps are built to mimic the inclination and slope. This past few days we have been able to set it with crazy paving quartzite stone. We have incorporated sets of mosaic fish which lead you as you journey on your way through the garden, to the terrace and the pond.

The path feels like a great addition to the garden and we are now looking to complete the terrace in the very near future. There are more mosaic fish planned to lead your eye to the small pond and the garden beyond.


  1. Anonymous2:04 pm

    How lovely. It must be very fulfilling to see your ideas and plans coming into fruition so beautifully. Well done. JENNY.

    1. Thanks Jenny - Hopefully by the end of the year the main hard landscaping will be finished then we can concentrate on getting the beds sorted. Plants grow so very differently here.


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