Monday, April 22, 2013

Walking in Asturias 13: Dragon's breath and caves by the sea

Today is Luis' Birthday. On our Birthdays we usually choose to do a favourite walk, take a packed lunch and set off early. Luis chose to walk from home in Toriello to Cuevas del Mar and back. A walk we have done many times but one which we never tire of.

The weather was forecast as being overcast but reasonably warm, ideal walking weather along the coast. The cooler sea breeze is always welcomed as it blows up and over the limestone cliffs.

We decided to walk the country lanes and villages on the way there and return by the coastal path.

Passing through the villages of Llames de Pria and Garana it is always interesting to see what has been newly built, to admire new plots being used for vegetables, to chat with passing pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostello, pass the time of day with locals and to take in the sights and sounds of country life in the sleepy back waters of Asturias.

The beach at Cuevas del Mar was deserted with only one or two camper vans cooking bacon and sausage and re-packing their vans prior to the next leg of their journey.

The wild flowers were amazing with the lanes and footpaths lined with carpets of pink, blue, purple,  white yellow and orange flowers. The sea was choppy, the breeze was gentle and the sky remained, on the whole, blue with fast moving Columbus clouds.

We made our way home via the footpaths and tracks near to the coast, stopping for lunch in a quiet hollow. Tortilla, black olives, celery, bread, fruit and water was the order of the day, perfect picnic food which we shared with some local ducks that occupied a nearby pond.

The cliffs approaching home are spectacular. With high tides, the blow holes were spraying sea water high into the air and forcing air through the many fissures in the limestone bedrock. According to local folk lore, from a distance it sounds like the roar of dragon's breath. Some of the fissures have become mini inland oceans and caves that are several hundred meters from the coast, just the place for dragons to hide.

The walk took about 6 hours in total but we stopped regularly to observe the landscapes and take in the natural beauty that surrounded us. Happy 46th Birthday to Luis.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Simply breathtaking shots.

  2. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Happy Birthday, and many of them.
    Just wondering how often our paths have crossed without knowing.
    very best regards

    1. Who knows when we have walked on the same beach or strolled down the same camino?


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