Friday, April 12, 2013

The perfect twiggy pea stick

With a welcome break in the weather and the promise of bright and warm sunshine Luis suggested that we went in search for some perfect twiggy pea-sticks, well 30 or so to be precise.  Knowing that the caminos (paths) of the Camino de Santiago would be muddy in parts and that we probably be making our way back through the waterlogged fields, we opted for Wellington Boots. A wise decision.

Twiggy pea sticks are usually thin twigs of hazel (for us) that are used to support pea plants, perfect twiggy pea-sticks only exist in Luis' mind but I thought it might be fun to go along and made wiser about these things. There are many village and cliff tracks that veer off the Camino de Santiago that are heavily populated with coppiced hazel and sure enough, Wellington boots were required.

Walking along the caminos is wonderful at any time of year but early Spring with its gigantic puddles, flowing field streams, fresh and crisp new growth and neatly tended orchards is truly magical.

We found what Luis considered to be the perfect hedge in which to harvest our perfect twiggy pea sticks and we began to cut perfect specimens...

The way home across the fields was interesting with one or two instances where water was nearly compromising the tops of our boots. I had a rather enlightening experience when my head made contact with an electric fence charged up to keep randy bulls at bay. I do feel strangely brighter today.

With La Pasera in the distance, we head past the horses, through a field of bulls, cows and calves then across our neighbours newly ploughed field to be greeted by Gawber and Wentworth in their local hunting ground.

The peas are now staked and will benefit from the support as they produce a good crop of sugar snaps, mange tout and small sweet garden peas.

We managed to get our pea sticks and remembered a much cherished quote from a dear friend of ours, "the important thing about reaching your destination is to savour and enjoy the journey, it is usually much more precious". Today's journey for the perfect twiggy pea stick turned out to be precious or as Luis speculated .. perfect.


  1. Anonymous4:08 pm

    gorgeous pics!!! Love this blog :-)

  2. Thanks Barbara - check out her blog it is also really worth visiting - I added you to my links Chicaderock


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