Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Stepping into spring - two tales

After being in the UK for a while it is always good to return to Asturias. The weather in the UK has been cold, damp, wet and snowy whereas Asturias has been cool, damp, wet and...snowy, but in a different way.


In the UK the weather persists for weeks, in Asturias it can change on a daily basis. I enjoy my time in the UK and witnessing the worst snow falls for over 40 years was certainly a treat if not inconvenient and prohibitive to my plans. Dad missed his 90th Birthday dinner as the roads were impassable and the hotel and restaurant was inaccessible.


On my return to La Pasera it is cooler than usual with intermittent rain and infrequent glimpses of blue sky. Daily walks are between showers and short cut but we have had the chance to catch up with friends from England and friends living here in Asturias. We have been to the Donkey Sanctuary for the open day and it was great to see a few familiar and a few new faces up there.


The landscapes are vibrant at the moment with vivid greens and yellows as the grass in the meadows becomes peppered with wild flowers. A lovely time of year out here despite the wetter than usual weather.


I love Spring as it brings longer days, rapid plant growth, and explosion of colour as well a chorus of birds singing  and warm showers during which to go for a walk and enjoy the changes the new season brings. Spring in Asturias usually arrives several weeks before the equinox takes place. This year, it has being particularly wet and cold and the new season is advancing slowly.

This slower pace is more noticeable by the subdued blossoming of the many wild cherries both within La Pasera and the surrounding countrywide. Another indicator of the later and slower Spring is noticeable by how late the Asturias wild daffodils and alpine flowers are making a full display as the snow persists at relatively low altitudes.

Within the coastal planes, some of the wild flowers are slowly coming into blossom and it would be a while longer before the apple orchards come into full bloom. I guess we will wait for the cuckoo to return bringing the new season as the ancients used to think. In the mean time, we will continue enjoying the new season as it slowly advances while dreaming of the joy of apple scent as we walk past the numerous apple orchards as we walk along the country lanes.



  1. I don't think I've seen such a wide view of the garden before. Really lovely. And so neat!

  2. Thanks Andrea - I suppose it is neat in parts and in others, not so neat. Luis is tidy in the veggie plot and doesn't like weeds.


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