Monday, October 11, 2010

Our river - Rio Guadamia

This week we took the opportunity to visit our local river and estuary at Guadamia. While Ian waited for wildlife to photograph, I just sat by the riverbank and listened to the water as it rushed down three little cascades before merging with the salty water of the incoming tide.

As I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the water, I could tune into the different sounds that each of the three cascades was producing. In time, the incoming tide travelled up the river and as it reached the first cascade the sound coming from it would disappear to return a few seconds later once the tide retreated back towards the sea. After a few cycles, the tidal surge would be big enough to reach the second cascade and leave me only with the sound of the third cascade. Soon the water surge would retreat and I would be able to tune into the sounds originating from any of the three cascades.

The tide kept coming in and eventually would be big enough and gather momentum up the river to cover the three cascades and drown away the sound of the river until it started to retreat back into the sea letting me once again enjoy the sound of the water rushing down the cascades.
After watching the fish swimming up the river in search of food and rushing back as the level of the water decreased with the retreating tide, we made our way back to La Pasera enjoying the autumnal light and hot south  wind that we tend to experience at this time of the year.

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  1. A wonderfully evocative post Luis! I could almost hear the water ebbing and flowing myself. I have a few special places along the coast here where I like to sit and listen to the sound of the tide. It can be very meditative when the sea is calm and the flow very gentle, so you can hear the swooshing inflow of water and the pebbles rattling under the ebbing wave at the same time.


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