Thursday, October 14, 2010

European Tree Frog

We had a wonderful surprise a few nights ago. The south winds were blowing a steady warm stream of air and the sky was crystal clear and showing off its many stars and milky way. Returning from feeding Wentworth and Gawber we spotted this tiny little fella. At first sight it looked like a small moth or large spider as it was so small - about 2.5cms in length. He was stuck to the wall about 2 metres from the ground on the back terrace. Luis remembers them from when he was a little boy in Spain and known to him as St Anthony's frog - apparently they are fairly rare these days so it was great to think that the environment we are providing here at La Pasera is attracting such fine creatures. His official name is:  Hyla Arborea (click to access Wiki Link).

Hyla Arborea - European Tree Frog

Tiny fella

Just landed on a candle sconce.

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