Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ground force

We recently helped two people John and Belinda to prepare virgin ground for a new vegetable plot on the banks of the River Sella. The land is being loaned to them by Bill and Sara from La Rondita so that they can grow their own produce until such time they have a garden of their own.

The plot lies on the banks of the river and is totally overgrown with brambles and weeds. Armed with strimmer, spades, brush cutter and edging tool we set about clearing a decent sized plot for the intial two-three beds. Although it is late in the year we felt that if we could plant a few vegetables for over winter, then it would help keep the ground clear and with a bit of luck, a few tasty home-grown vegetables for spring.

Under the strict and watchful eye of Luis, we were each given jobs to do and instructed in the correct methods........say no more. Before long we made excellent progress and managed to clear a large area - the soil is lovely black gold. 
Planting begins under the watchful eye of Luis

100 leeks, red cabbage, cabbage, onions and two types of lettuce were lovingly planted, watered and tended. Oregano, sage and chives were transplanted into one end of the first bed and black plastic was secured over the second bed to suppress the many weeds that will inevitably grow over winter. 

Job well done

Already John is looking worried at Be's plans for a third, forth and fifth bed with plans afoot for fruit bushes, rhubarb, bird hide, compost bin, irrigation this space.

The resident toad - keeping guard for slugs and snails

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  1. You've all done a wonderful job there - it's great to see a productive piece of land appear from such an overgrown plot with such apparent ease. No doubt in reality there was much hard work between the first and second pictures.
    Hope everything grows well over the winter to give Belinda and John a good crop of tasty treats in the spring.


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