Monday, July 28, 2014

A restful weekend at La Pasera

We have been quite busy most of the year with maintaining the garden and vegetable plot, entertaining friends, travel, mosaics, music, writing, photography and chair restoration as well as days out walking or sightseeing. Oh, we also finished the building work and decorated....

It has been extremely hot here and very dry with little or no rain. This weekend we decided that it would be a good time to let the weekend happen without any firm plans or expectations. Saturday saw us visiting a small craft fair in a mountain village. There were only a few stalls selling jewelry, fresh produce, food and hand-made goods but it was also an opportunity to meet up with a long-time Internet based friend whom we had never met in 5 years. We knew she would be there with her art works. It was good to meet you Niki. Check out here website and artwork here: Niki

Saturday afternoon we relaxed in the garden, read, pottered around watering the pots, examined the vegetables, massaged the cats and listened to music. The warm summer evening was spent enjoying a fresh garden salad, glass of wine, watching the sun go down and observing the bats as they fed on the wing.

Sunday was as equally warm but with a light coastal breeze which helped. We walked to our local and nearest beach, a lovely isolated (well most of the year) cove when the sea forms a lagoon and gentle waves in summer and a long stretch of golden sand opening out into the sea when the tide is out. It's a great place to explore as there are caves at low tide and many small rock pools.

The afternoon drifted by with time spent in the garden, reading, chatting, booking Luis' next mosaic exhibition trip to France and catching up with PC based work. We ate our evening meal on the terrace, had a glass of wine and relaxed. Fully restored we were now ready for the busy weeks ahead of us and really valued the time out. Every so often, a complete rest and break from routine does you the power of good....

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