Thursday, April 10, 2014

The terrace is finished...well almost.

One of the first tasks we undertook in the garden way back in 2007 was to mark out the main access into the garden and a large terrace where we could sit, with space for friends and dining out. We have made it, after all this time it is nearing completion. All we need now is to plant Esquisetum in what was to be a fire pit, and construct a couple of benches from beams we have for seating.

The path leads from the top terrace through flower beds and rockery onto the large terrace. Punctuated with mosaic fish and water-lillies, that lead you to the small wildlife pond.

We are already enjoying the new space which acts as a central vantage point of the pond and distant fields to the north,  the orchard and vegetable garden to the west, the Cueva Negra mountain to the south and La Pasera to the east.

Now that the warmer days are here, I can see many a happy hour spent occupied or unoccupied on the terrace, accompanied or unaccompanied.

We found the perfect pebble for the birdbath....

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