Saturday, April 26, 2014

Making the most scrumptious Tiramisu

It's fiesta time again in Spain. Luis' birth village is having one of it's annual gatherings to celebrate San Pedrin. There will be a large family gathering, a large domed wood oven will be lit in one of the outbuildings, lots of home reared meat will be roasted, and tables will be laid for a weekend of feasting.

No matter how much seafood and roast meats you eat, there is always room for a pudding. Luis decided to make Tiramisu for 16. He's taken it with him for the past few years and despite offering to make other puddings they always want Tiramisu...

The recipe we use is a classic Tiramisu recipe but with additional vanilla seeds mixed into the cream.
Here is the recipe we use but there are many more around with various combinations of liqueur, cream and coffee.


(Serves 4)

250g Mascarpone cheese
3 tablespoon of Liqueur (Tia Maria, Brandy, Marsala...or whatever you fancy)
1 teaspoon of vanilla/seeds or essence
150 ml of strong coffee or espresso
150 ml of single cream
4 tablespoons of icing sugar
16 sponge fingers
Chocolate/cocoa powder

Whisk the mascarpone, vanilla, liqueur,and 50 ml coffee mixing well. Whisk cream and icing sugar until smooth then fold into mascarpone mixture.

lightly dip the sponge fingers in the remaining coffee and line the bottom of a dish with half of them, spoon over half of the mixture, repeat and refrigerate. It will set in an hour or so. When ready for serving, lightly cover the top with cocoa powder or grated chocolate.

It really is calorie heavy but as a special treat once a year you might as well go the whole hog and use generous amounts of ingredients. Here you go, I'll let you have a taste of my sampler...for quality control purposes you understand.

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  1. Oh tiramisu! Never thought about that! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Definitely on our to bake list!


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