Friday, December 06, 2013

December days and nights

The Picos de Europa mountains are capped with snow and looking good. The garden is too wet to work and although many plants and bushes want chopping, hazels need coppicing and vegetable beds need turning, it will all have to wait for the warmer, sunny days we normally experience in December.

Until the ground dries out a little we are taking the opportunity to walk with friends, take photographs, make plans for 2014, complete mosaic projects and continue writing; exciting times ahead.

As we don't have television it is always good to have things to do during autumn and winter as the evenings and nights are long. Having recently transferred to DVD some old recordings from bands I was in when much younger, the memories and long evenings prompted me to take up the keyboards and midi sequencers again which after 30 years is great fun. I might even upload some compositions to Soundcloud, not sure about re-visting the look though....

Luis is away helping his sister and family helping with the Matanza. There is always lots of work to do once the pigs are slaughtered. Chorizos, black pudding and salami to make, joints of meat to prepare, hams to salt and crackling to make in bulk. We have written about it before and this is the link (click here) if you want to find out more.

The wildlife in the garden never ceases to fascinate and entertain us. Since installing the Bushnell Trail cam we have seen: deer, fox, pine marten, field mice, hedgehogs, cats, stoat, badgers and many birds. Our You Tube channel has many of the videos from the trail cam. Apart from birds, daytime sightings are few and far between. Yesterday morning I did however, come face to face with a stag which duly roared and ran. My heart was pounding, it was just a pity there was no camera to hand.

This magnificent buzzard was perching on the telegraph pole near to our garden, it took flight and I just managed to get a shot but alas not the sharpest photograph. I just love the power of these birds.


  1. You have excelled yourself this time with the photos, the one of the river is stunning, and what a fantastic photo of the Buzzard.

    1. Awe thanks Anne - I'm pleased you enjoyed them.


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