Sunday, December 01, 2013

A local photo walk

The rain had stopped and we awoke to a bright sunny morning and decided to make the most of it and walk from home to Cuevas del Mar (Caves of the sea) and enjoy the changing scenery and autumn light.

We packed lunch of Tortilla, bread, fruit, nuts, and drinks and made our way through the country lanes that lead from home. We travelled along the Camino de Santiago heading east towards Llames de Pria via the roman bridge.

The sun was low in the sky and shone through the autumn leaves and drying foliage casting shadows on the woodland floor.

The small meandering local river; Rio Guadamia was swollen with recent rains.

The young cattle were curious as we passed by and admired their beautiful big eyes. 1152 was particularly cute. 

The insects and birds enjoyed the renewed energy they absorbed from the sun, collecting food and nectar along the way.

We reached the coast and sat for lunch. The local rocks attract climbers who hone their skills and strengthen their grip.

Heading back we made our way along a well defined coastal path which wound its way through woodland, scrub, pasture and even a duck pond. We sat and had a drink whilst being observed by a local cat whose curiosity was stirred by our presence.

As the birds of prey battled high above we walked at a slower pace and took time to enjoy the remainder of the afternoon and to savour the sites of a fresh autumnal day.

With home in sight, our tired bodies and weary feet were looking forward to a warm drink and relaxing in front of a homely log fire. 


  1. Anonymous6:43 pm

    excellent pictures

  2. Gorgeous - and still so green.

    1. It remains green all year because of our temperate climate. I never get tired of the scenery.

  3. Beautiful photos as usual.


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