Friday, November 08, 2013

The power of the flower

With the weather fluctuating between cold, blowy and damp through to warm, sunny and still, it is good to see some colour in the garden. Even on the dullest of days the sight of flowers, turning leaves and drying seed heads seems to lift the spirit.

The longer flowering season here at La Pasera results in having some flowers around most of the year, if not in the ground, then in pots and tubs.

The Christmas Cactus is in full glorious bloom at the beginning of November; flowering for the next 3-4 weeks if we are lucky. In past years it has had a second flowering around Christmas time so make of that what you will...

The Yucca is looking very regal at the moment with its long erect stem of jersey cream flowers contrasting sharply with the gold, red and deep purple leaves of the nearby acers.

The rockery plants have taken well and are beginning to spread amongst the crevices between rocks.

The insects are still visiting but in fewer numbers, a last ditched attempt to harvest reserves, lay eggs or find nesting grounds. Pollination continues.

The next opportunity you have, don't forget to look into the eye of a flower and let it lift your spirits.


  1. nice pictures really sharp and interesting, thank you - gracias :)

    1. Thank you Lu, glad you enjoyed them.

  2. The first picture, whether it's flowers?
    I've never seen ...
    glance looks like corn kernels.

    1. Hi Agrizal - these are lily seed heads but yes they do look like corn kernels - thanks for the comment and reading.


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