Friday, November 22, 2013

My trip to visit Ravenna Mosaico 2013

Ravenna in northern Italy is considered worldwide to be one of the main centers for contemporary mosaic art; a place where many mosaic artists work and teach this craft and art. When visiting Ravenna, in addition to the beautiful Byzantine mosaics that adorn seven UNESCO World Heritage sites you can also appreciate the beauty of classic Roman mosaics as well as modern and contemporary ones.

This year, Ravenna was celebrating the third edition of  a two yearly event called "Ravenna Mosaico" with multiple events related to contemporary mosaic art at an international level. This year I had the opportunity to travel to Ravenna during this event. I visited the famous Byzantine mosaics, the numerous mosaics spread throughout several temporary and permanent mosaic exhibitions. I also arranged to visit some mosaic schools and studios with the view of taking a mosaic course in the future. A highlight for me was when I met some artists who live there and with whom I had been in contact over the last few years via the Internet. In fact, some of the mosaicists living in the city happen to be some of my most admired artists worldwide.

Visiting both old and modern mosaics, provided me with an opportunity to admire an art that has endured the passage of time and closely study both technical and aesthetic aspects related to mosaic making.

You cannot imagine my surprise when I accidentally discovered a mosaic studio and as I went in I met Marco de Luca, an internationally recognized artist whose work I greatly admire. To stand there admiring mosaics belonging to his private collection while he was telling me all about them was an unexpected pleasure I never dreamt of experiencing.

Earlier on in the day I had been invited to a private viewing of a mosaic exhibition in the company of the editors of Mosaique Magazine CaCO3 studios. I enjoyed my exchange of comments with the editors about a particular work of art whose creator I would later on meet in person.

Another highlight was meeting Sergio Policicchio a young artist I believe will become a great influence within contemporary mosaic art. He approached me while visiting an exhibition and offered to show me his other works exhibited elsewhere.

Sergio Policicchio

I value the opportunity I had to spend some time with a local artist and one of my mosaic Internet- based friends, Rosanna Fattorini, with whom I exchanged thoughts and  impressions on the mosaics exhibited within two of the main exhibitions: "Works from the World" and "Crossing times". In the exhibition "Works from the World" I was able to appreciate examples of the work from several other artists I greatly admire while discovering some exciting artists whose work I fell in love with instantly.

Rosanna Fattorini- detail

To Rosanna I am so thankful for taking me to visit Sergio Cicognani, her friend,  mosaic teacher and worldwide respected artist who was involved in the restoration of the Byzantine mosaics the World Heritage sites in Ravenna and other parts of Italy. The stone cubes or tesserae he gave me and the glass I received from Rosanna decorated by herself with gold leaf and paint colours and that she normally uses in her creations is something I look forward to incorporating in a future mosaic.

The numerous photos I took of particular mosaics, the books, detailed postcards, magazines and catalogues of exhibitions I bought and collected, some with a personal dedication from the artist, will provide me with a wealth of information that I will benefit from during the next stage of my mosaic making.

The homage to the artist Iliya Iliev, that the International Association of Contemporary Mosaists  had arranged gave me the opportunity to admire in person, many of the works of another of my most admired contemporary mosaic artists. Shame we did not coincide in Ravenna so that I could have met him in person. Iliya is another of my Internet contacts from one of the international mosaic sites I belong to.

Iliya Iliev

I had a great time in the beautiful city of Ravenna and enjoyed its culture, cuisine, ice cream and its gentle pace. The best Italian meal during my trip was by far the one I had when Rosanna and her husband welcomed me into their home. With the most aromatic limonchelo I have ever had we said goodbye to the memorable time I spent thanks to Rosanna. In a few words, the trip to Ravenna Mosaico 2013 surpassed my expectations. There are still many great mosaics I would love to see in person one day and more trips to plan... one day.


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    1. Thanks Gisela. It was a fantastic event to visit.

  2. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Some amazing stuff there. I last went to Ravenna when I was 18, which is quite a long time ago (!). Think I should go again.

    1. Hi Veronica. I hope you have a chance to revisit such an exciting city full of charm. I loved its gently life pace.


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