Thursday, May 09, 2013

Top of the crops - Peas

If our vegetable garden is like many others, there are probably a couple of crops that seem to do much better than anything else. I suspect it is due to several local factors such the soil, fertility, weather, position, pests and diseases as well as other factors such as seed viability, variety, compatibility with local growing conditions and general care, and of course the perfect twiggy pea stick.

One crop that never disappoints at La Pasera is the humble pea in it's many forms. Each year we grow 3 or 4 types of pea crop including: Mange Tout; Sugar Snap Peas; Pod Peas x 2. This year, in addition, we are trialling a purple podded pea (Mr Bethal) sent to us by a friend.

Currently we are harvesting about half a kilo of Mange Tout a day and they are delicious. We eat them raw in the main with salads and as a snack but they are equally wonderful in stir-fry, soups and curry. What we can't use we will give away, freeze, feed to some local pygmy goats or compost.


We eagerly await the new purple podded peas to see how they shape up for taste and cropping, early signs suggest they will fare well.

What crops well for you?

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