Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A new date-stone for La Pasera

It has always been in mind to create a date-stone for La Pasera. Something that would mark the date we got the keys to the house. Luis had already made a small mosaic to commemorate the date the house was built but we wanted something slightly more quirky.


When the studio/workshop was completed we saw the potential for mounting a larger and striking date-stone made out of mosaic on the gable end wall. In addition, the growing collection of mosaics in and around the garden also serve to act as a showcase for the range of mosaics Luis produces.

Opus Lapilla.  Mosaic limestone ridges or river stones.
The four elements - one of three mosaics for the main drive

We thought long and hard about what we could design. We have always loved art deco and used to be avid collectors of art deco pottery, glass and ephemera. With this influence in mind Luis and I decided that we would like a clock in the Art Deco style, with fixed hands that would mark the year we got the keys. Can you spot what year this was?

The date-stone 2006

It has yet to be mounted but we need to repaint the house this year and we will also paint the studio so until then it will remain under wraps. I wonder what the villagers will think when it is eventually mounted? We really like the finished clock face and now plan another for the other gable end but this time with a real working clock mechanism and hands - con tiempo...

Gallery of images here: Mosaics


  1. Anonymous12:49 pm

    tempus fugit.
    by the way, did youse ever encounter an Irish person, owning a house in Tresmonte, close to the Ermita?
    The place is for sale for a long time, unfortunately my savings won't reacht this far.
    well, one may dream.
    best regards

    1. We heard about them but never met them - we've walked up to Tresmonte numerous times and met the Bonifacio (Boni) who told us about the Irish people. What a character he was. I don't know the house in question though. Maybe one day - never say never x


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