Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Cycling in Asturias - Luis and the lakes annual challenge

We have always enjoyed days out with the bicycle but cycling in Asturias is something that took me some time to get used to when we arrived at La Pasera. We were used to cycling along fairly flat paths that were well defined and signed posted but when we started cycling in Asturias we had to get used to the numerous hills and mountains that had to be climbed and navigate the lack of well defined and poorly signed posted off road paths.

Taking into account my poor sense of direction and map reading skills, I resorted to concentrate on road cycling on secondary roads that hardly get any traffic. In addition, cyclists in Spain have the same rights as any other road user and drivers are very used to cyclists.

Cycling from La Pasera is a rewarding activity with stunning scenery that takes you along unspoiled coastal areas and up roads offering magnificent mountain scenery. I would now miss not having the challenge of a climb and the free ride on the way down which is exhilarating.

After finding a good local cycle repair shop where I recently had my bicycle serviced, I have started my training in readiness for my yearly ride up to the mountain lakes, one of the toughest sections of "La Vuelta" or cycling tour of Spain.


Saint Antolin

My training programme will last about two weeks and will entail a series of circular rides starting from home of about 50 Km and a climb of about 600 m. I do not tend to time myself but each circuit takes me about 4 hours. This training will prepare me to cycle up the mountain lakes in the heart of the Picos National Park with stunning scenery and beautiful alpine flowers coming into blossom at this time of the years. I did the same circuit last year and really enjoyed it albeit a tough one.

Spring 2012

As Ian will be away, this year my youngest brother, Ruben, is joining me just before the Easter holidays and we aim to cycle about 100 Km  and an ascent of 1100 m (of which 1000 m in just over 12 Km).

My first training ride is a coastal route that takes me along two of my favourite beauty spots of the Asturian coast: Saint Antolin and Torimbia beach.

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