Saturday, March 09, 2013

A stroll down to the coast

An almost daily walk for us involves walking on one of several paths or caminos (country lanes) that lead to the coast. We are lucky in-so-much we can choose one of many routes, each with something different to offer. There are some wonderful finds along the way no matter which route you take.

As the crow flies we are about 1 km from the coast but as there is no direct route it takes us about 20-40 minutes depending which way we head out. If we stick our head out of the bathroom window we can just about see the sea, on a clear day, in winter, in the right light...If we ever sell we'll call it a sea view ;-)

With a mountain backdrop, the coastline near home is spectacular. With dramatic limestone cliffs, cuetos (pasture lands studded with rocky outcrops), small wooded areas, apple orchards, old Asturian houses, small flocks of sheep, goats or cattle, horses, an abundance of wildlife, flora and birds, there is always something to observe and savour.

As the seasons pass,  on daily walks, there is ample opportunity to observe the changing landscapes and get to know our environment a little better. Looking back, it is surprising how much we have both learnt over the years by seeing something new such as a plant or bird, deer or tree, insect or building and researching it on our return. The Internet is great for quick ID and information but there is something rather special about sitting on the terrace with a set of reference books, a cup of lemon verbena and a camera full of photographs.  


  1. Clare Peel8:30 pm

    One word.....Jealous!

  2. looking at what you can see-so vital, but not often done

  3. Sigh - gorgeous!

  4. I so enjoy receiving your blog updates! Today, here in Oklahoma, its very dreary and windy. Your blog post came via email and it took me on a stroll with you through a beautiful countryside that I could not have visited otherwise. What a lovely excursion! Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you for your kind comments - we really do feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful region.

  6. Lovely as always. What a wonderful spirit you both have.


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