Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ribadesella - Location, location, location.

I thought it was time to help promote our region as a holiday destination. I was tempted to keep this jewel to ourselves but I think a few more tourists will not detract from the fact that it is a superb place to spend some quality time.

Ribadesella is situated on the mouth of the river Sella about 5km from La Pasera. It is our nearest town and we often either walk or drive down to meet friends, drink coffee or shop. During the main season, July-September, it is lively with many small bars with outside terraces, restaurants serving traditional food until the early hours and long promenades around the bay. Out of season Ribadesella is so, so quiet but it has terrific charm either way.

I discovered this new short film by the tourist board and thought I would share it with you. It shows our part of the coast in its full glory and features many of the beaches, cliff and woodland walks we explore on a regular basis. The music lets the video down a bit but have a look if you have a few minutes to spare, it really is special.

As I write this post I am reminded that today is a national strike here in Spain as it is in many parts of Europe. We need tourists here in Asturias and if you have never been, have a serious think about it as a destination. The film omits the grey, rainy days we have here but that's what makes our landscape so lush and green.

Asturias is an all year round destination in my opinion with so much to see and do. Using Ribadesella as a base, you are with easy reach of cities of Oviedo, Gijon, and Aviles. There is great walking either on the coast, the Camino de Santiago, woodlands or the magnificent Picos de Europa mountains. If you love the outdoors, value peace and quiet, swoon at majestic landscapes or just want time to slow down a touch, come to Asturias, it really is worth the effort.

If you think you know Spain, think again...Asturias, think Ribadesella.

If you do decide to come to holiday in Asturias there is a new website that has some excellent information and short films in English. Check it out here:

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  1. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Hi Ian,
    have been over 6 times and stayed in the same hotel for two weeks in October each time.
    had to beg for a small discount checking out.
    had to pay for unwanted breakfasts one September.
    unable to wash the smalls in the hotel laundry.
    unable to get advice how to connect a linux machine to the hotel wifi, it took a specialist and a threeway conversation with the reception, while a call from the staff to the net providers help desk would have worked out OK.

    however loved it, as far as the walks, beaches the the Carroceu goes.
    Might have met more lovely people too, if my Spanish was existent.
    Sadly out of a job, in the year when Rosario slash their rates in half.
    ah well maybe next year.
    good day very best regards


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