Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gone Fishing

A couple of years ago when we constructed the pond we bought four fish to bring some life and colour to it. We were always aware that with many Herons in the area, our small pond was a potential target for a quick snack. Up to now, our fish had been successful and multiplied in number. So many fish that we gave several away to stock the pond at El Paraiso del Burro. 

Now we have none.

One day last week I went to feed the fish and only one surfaced. The pond appeared lifeless. The very next day I saw a large Heron standing at the side of the pond scouring the water for more food. It flew off but we knew it had likely taken all of the fish. Gawber appeared from underneath a large Gunnera leaf and looked longingly as this enormous bird took flight.

At this time of year we normally cover the pond with a net to prevent leaves and such from falling into it and causing unnecessary decaying debris but it proved too late for the fish.

I doubt we will get more fish and we live in hope that one or two young fry have survived in the depths of an upturned crate that lies in the pond to house the solar fountain and that hopefully serves its purpose: to prevent young fish from being devoured.

The pond does seem a little lifeless without the fish but the beautiful dragonflies and damselflies are still around to entertain us with their acrobatic skills. Also there are many toads, lizards and frogs, water skaters, water snails and small mammals still using the pond to drink, feed and breed so still lots to see if you look carefully.

The heron has returned several times since but Gawber has now plucked up the courage to pounce and chase it off. So far the heron has proved too wily and spots him in good time. The same with me and the camera, not brilliant shots but you get the idea, just look at the wingspan, a magnificent bird but one that we could have lived without.

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