Saturday, October 06, 2012

Will we get Avocado fruit?

Much to our delight Avocados grow well in Asturias. In our village there is a mature tree that produces an abundance of fruit that no-one seems to eat. Remembering my efforts to germinate a stone using matchsticks and an egg cup, 5 years ago I managed to get one of these to sprout. It is now a 4 meter high tree, growing well in our garden.

The question is, will it fruit? Some say that we will need to graft from the original tree whilst others say it is a matter of time and it will fruit when it matures. We are hoping it is the latter.

I have recently sprouted another stone and will also plant it soon, if nothing more, their glossy dark green leaves look splendid in the Asturian sunshine.

If you can answer our query please leave a comment or email us....


  1. If you graft a named variety which is well adapted to conditions similar to Asturias for sure it will be a reliable producer of good quality fruit.

    From a seed it will be pot luck, may be it will be brilliant and you could then register the variety and call it La Pasera and make lost of money selling grafting wood or more likely that it will be a bit less than average as a fruiter but still look atractive tree to look at!

  2. I grew one as a kid back at home. It grew about 8 foot tall. I am not sure if they will fruit or not. I think it is dependent on if it is an F1 fruit or not that you germinated the seed from. If so, it may not produce fruit, but good luck and keep us informed. ps - I love avocado.

    And I also grew a peach tree from a peach stone.

  3. You mentioning that there is an avocado tree which nobody seems to eat the fruit of reminded us of when we lived in Catalonia, there all the villages had Mulberry trees growing as shade trees, the fruit used to be abundant, but no one used to use it, it just dropped to the ground, what a waste.


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