Monday, October 15, 2012

Rain and Sunshine: Weather

The rain has arrived with the full force of North westerly winds driving it almost horizontal at times. Many  a litre re-hydrating slow-baked earth and refreshing failing plants and trees.

After the driest summer for a few decades, the rains are welcome.

The temperatures have dropped and it is noticeably cooler both outdoor and indoor. With our wood store fully stocked, fires set and central heating fuel full to capacity we are ready for anything.

Wentworth and Gawber are sleeping longer hours and snuggle up together on their cushions in the workshop only venturing out when they can hear a calm in the weather.

The garden pond is once again full to overflowing and the fish and plants will surely benefit from fresh water. The toads and frogs are still singing and calling in between rain storms and the birds take advantage of the windfalls and earthworms that lay amongst greening grass.

The vegetable beds are no longer thirsty and the vegetables are growing before our eyes.

With the onset of darker nights, the time has come to re-focus on indoor activities and enjoy the glow of burning logs.

One thing you can count on in Asturias is a quick succession of weather fronts, torrential rain and then glorious, warming sunshine. No wonder they call it a natural paradise.


  1. Lovely! And an impressive wood store. I´m taking notes. :)

  2. Not long now Coco...


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